So this “barbecue thing” started over a plate of food on a road trip south of the border.

Meat juice dribbling down chins, ordering more than we could eat, we needed this mouth-watering taste and the smell of wood smoke in our lives. Our mission; bring the dedication of the Pitmaster to you with soul, and explore the diverse culture of barbecue in the Southern US and Latin American styles.

Food is close to every breathing and passionate person’s heart, unquestionably Barbecue and wood cooked flavour evokes a bygone instinct, a carnivorous streak. The Pitboss peers into the blue haze from within the smoker. From your seat in the CUE you can smell the sizzling pork shoulders and sausage rings filling the air. The aroma makes your stomach growl with anticipation of the garlic sausage and moist brisket on order. Watering mouth and you know you have ordered more than you can eat, you relive the mantra: “Rub Me, Smoke Me, Sauce Me, Eat Me”.